Chapter 6

I am not affliated with Hanson in anyway. This story is just for fun.. fiction is fun.


He felt someone kick him. "WAKE UP" It was Isaac. "emmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what do you want", Zac moaned through his sleepy brown eyes. "Dude, you were at strip club last night", Ike asked him. "How did you know that", Zac replied as he sat up quickly. "Because it is on the internet", Taylor chimed in, "The manager of that club called someone and they interviewed him, I cannot believe you went home with a stripper, who knows what kind of things she could have, dude you should get tested", he joked. Zac was really annoyed, he needed coffee not a pick on Zac session from his brothers. He was a grown ass man. Just because he was famous does not mean he should not be able to have a personal life. He went over to the coffee maker without a word and poured himself a cup, added his sugar, and took a sip.

"So you do not have anything to say about this", Taylor asked. "Yes I do, that manager Mark is a complete ass and Bliss is a nice girl and we did not have sex", Zac finally spoke. "The stripper is a NICE girl, said NO one ever", Ike said with a sheepish grin. "Really she is, she has been through a lot and you have no right to pick on her". "Zac don't you know that those girls tell stories to guys like you to get money from you and try to get into your pants", Tay exclaimed. "Well we did not have sex, I did not spend much money, and in fact if you MUST know she tried to give some of it back to me, but I told her to keep it.", he answered, "I am going to call her so could you guys keep quiet, she might not even know this is going on". "Hey dude whatever its YOUR life, just please do not do anything to reflect poorly on all of us, we are family and we love you, but this could look bad"

Zac looked down at his phone he had a  text message from Bliss.

3:00 pm
I do not know if you already know or not but my boss Mark sold us out to this reporter. I just want to apologize to you for any trouble it might cause you and your family. If you do not ever want to see me again I completely understand. You have an image to protect and so far I have only brought you negative attention.

He quickly called her. It felt like forever until she answered.
"Hey, I am surprised to hear from you" "I told you I would call you" "I know you said that, but I figured after all of this mess I would not be hearing from you. I mean we made it on the Perez Hilton website. It's embarassing I am so sorry about all of this." "Hey, No.. Stop it is fine, I will figure out a way to sort this out. None of this is your fault. You have not done anything wrong." "I know but still I cannot help but feel guilty" "Well do not stress this, I can call someone and fix this" "Well I have been on the phone with my mom now everyone from my hometown knows that I was dancing its apparently a huge deal so I also have somethings to sort out as well. I am about to head to Lucky's now and pack up my stuff, I am quitting that place" "You are going to quit" "Yeah I am not going to work for Mark, he has done some shitty things to me but this affects not only me, but someone else's career" "Well I cannot say that I am sad to hear that you are quitting you do not belong in a place like that anyways" "Yeah well It is time to move on from that I need to start my life I felt like I was trapped" "See some good did come from this, it will be ok I promise, Hell I will call your mother and talk to her, I will go to your whole town and tell them that, that life is not the real you" "Haha how do YOU know that is not me" "Because, I just know, I do not know why, I just do" "Well I need to head out of here, I hope you guys are having a good trip" "Well I have slept most of it I have no clue where I am at right now, Tay where are we..... We are just into Arizona...Texas is like the biggest damn state EVER" "Well they say everything is bigger in Texas" "They mean it, so can I see you sometime soon, maybe since you are quitting your job you can fly to California tomorrow" "I do not know about tomorrow Zac, I have a lot of things to do here and I have to find somewhere else to work" "Well I will fly you to a stop next week than how does Seattle sound" "We will talk about that later, I would really love to though, and I really hate to get off of here but it is 5:00 my time so I need to go up to the club and take care of business" "Alllright, well let me know what happens OK" "OK I will, I will talk to you later I guess" "Yeah later gator"

He hung up. "Later gator, really Zac", Isaac picked on him.


She felt a little better after talking to him. The lump in throat started to settle. She grabbed her keys and headed out the door


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Is there life out there?

I am in no way shape or form affiliated with Hanson or their company. This story is complete fiction. All names and characters are used on a fictitious basis.
Chapter 1


Bliss looked at herself in the dressing room mirror. What had her life become? Her face had become almost unrecognizable to her own eyes. At 25, she knew that she had not made all of the right choices in life, but what at lead her here to Dallas, Texas? To this Place? Married to her high school sweetheart at 20 she thought that she had it made. Eric was in the Army, first duty station, Ft. Sam Houston. It was the first time either of them had been away from the small North Carolina beach town they were from. A place where sweet tea and honey seemed to run through everyone's vein. Everyone was too nice, in a sickening way, she had to get away. So after Eric got home from AIT he popped the question. They ran down to the County courthouse and got married that day. Weeks later she was in Texas. The marriage only lasted 3 years. The hardest three years of their life. Two deployments in their three year marriage tore them apart. His PTSD was so unbearable and then the abuse started. She had to get away. Luckily for Bliss her best friend Grace had moved to Dallas with her boyfriend after he got out of the Marines. She was a dancer at a local club called "Luckys". Bliss moved up to Dallas with them in hopes of hiding from Eric. He was pissed when she left. She got a job with Grace at the club. She figured it would be a temporary thing until she could figure out her next move. That was two years ago and she was still a dancer at Luckys. Her stage name was Kendall, she for sure could not use her real name. Just in case Eric ever got wind of where she was.

"What the heck are you doing Blissy," Grace brought her out of her daydream.
 "Just thinking," Bliss jumped as she answered. She must have been thinking hard because she did not even see Grace sit down at her mirror next to hers.
"Are you still sad Mark would not let us have the night off for the concert?" Grace asked.
"No, I am over that, I will just see them the next time they come around I guess", Bliss answered sadly. She had wanted to go to a Hanson concert all of her life, but her parents never had the means to let her go. Mark would never let them have a Friday night off.
"Hell No Kendall", Mark said red in the face (she really hated it when he called her by her stage name when there was no need for it) when Bliss had asked a month ago for the night off, "You and Grace are the best girls I have, I just can't let you have Friday night off, If I give it to you two then all of the other girls would want a Friday off and I cannot afford that."  , 
"Yeah we will just make sure we ask off for it like six months in advance next time", Grace said trying to assure her best friend.
"KENDALLLLLLL, Your up next set", Mark yelled from the doorway of the dressing room. 
"Coming, Mark", Bliss yelled back. "What a douche bag he can be, why can't he just come in here and talk to us like human beings instead of calling us like cattle." 
"Bwahahahahah," Grace laughed, "Good luck hun its a packed house out there, I just made $150 just on stage"
"Sweet" Bliss exclaimed as she headed out of the dressing room.


He was not sure why, but he decided to go for a little stroll down the street from the hotel after the concert to clear his mind. He thought about getting a drink somewhere and listening to music that wasn't his own that he played night after night for fans. He loved his fans, but its nice to hear something other than the sound of your own voice sometimes. He had not walked far when he came across a bar called Luckys. It was a Girls Girls Girls type place. He had been to a few strip clubs in his life. Not too many. Usually just for a business meeting or a bachelor party for one of his friends back home. It looked like a decent enough place for what it was. He opened the wooden door and was hit in the face by the sound of Crazytown's Butterfly. "Wow that is loud," He thought to himself as he pulled out his wallet to show the door girl his ID. "That will be $5, hun." He handed the door girl his money and let her put his wrist band on his arm. "Good, she did not freak out, I hate it when they freak out," he thought to himself again. He made his way to the bar and got himself a beer. He turned around to check out the scenery. There were some decent looking ladies here. All shapes and sizes. He liked variety to look at. He found himself a seat near the stage, but not too close. He did not want to risk having a dancer freak out and fall on him. That happened once in L.A. she fell right on him WHAM, she had fainted.
The crazytown girl was coming off stage. He heard the sounds of Areosmith's, Angel starting. He could barely hear what the DJ was trying to say. Something about VIPs and table dances. Then she came out. "Ladies and Gentleman put your hands together for our next entertainer, KENNNDALLLL" He could not believe what he was seeing. What what he doing, he was never really attracted to woman on a stage who took their clothes off for money, but there was something about this girls face. Something seemed different. She was graceful. She was pretty fit. Hourglass shape. Shoulder length hair a couple of tats. The sweetest brown eyes he had ever seen, well besides his own of course.

"Your my aaannnggell, come and save me tonight" he heard Steven Tyler croon over the speakers. He chugged what was left of his beer and got the courage to go tip her. He held out his dollar as she was coming down from the ceiling upside down on the pole. She smiled at him and kind of let him know she would be right there. He sat down at the stage. "Please Lord dont let her faint on me,"

She crawled over to him and let him stick his dollar in her black satin garter. "Thank you," she said as she put on a personal little show for him. Well one that was worth a dollar of course. He sat there and tipped her a few more times and ordered another drink from the waitress. He bought "Kendall" a water he had all intentions of giving it to her. After dancing for nearly 10 minutes straight she had to be thirsty. She disappeared into the dressing room. He would wait for her to come out.


"HOLY HELL FIRE, GRACE" Bliss said with her heart beating fast. She had just shoved her boobs into the face of her childhood heart throb. 
"What the hell are you freaking out about?" she answered putting on her new outfit.
"You will never, ever believe who was just sitting at my stage!"
"OMIGOD, Eric?"
"Ummm no, try Zac Hanson"
"Shut up" 
" I wish I was kidding, because seriously that is not how I ever wanted to meet him, like oh Hi Zac Hanson, thanks for the dollar, here look at my rack"
"Hahaha, well it could have been worse, you could have fallen straight on your face."
"True story, but I am still mortified."
"Oh come on now, its not all that bad, go out and talk to .."
"KENDALLLLL," Mark interrupting them while coming into the dressing room. What the hell did he want, could he not just leave her alone in her moment of embarrassment. She just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. "Kendall, your presence has been requested out on the main floor."
"By who?" she wanted to know.
"By that Hanson, kid"
Bliss facepalmed herself. "Okay, okay, can you let him know I am changing and I will be out there in a few minutes." 
"I do not care what you do, he has money and he wants to spend it on you, get your ass out there, NOW," Mark yelled.. Always with the yelling he will give himself a blood clot for sure one day.
Bliss hurriedly changed and freshened up so she smelled more like whatever perfume she sprayed on and less like a gym sock. Then with her heart racing she headed back out out to the main floor.